Unscripted Healing
Ready and Committed!Embark On a Journey of Transformative Healing Over the Next 3 to 6 Months!

Deep down you know you and your Inner Child deserve the time, space, and energy it requires to explore what has been holding you back your entire life. So, get ready to UNLEARN the habits, conditioning, and self-sabotaging behaviors that developed as a result of your childhood wounds, and get ready to LEARN, practice, and integrate new skills to consistently show up for yourself, your Inner Child, and your goals!

When it comes to healing childhood wounds, you need to be “all in,” because once you acknowledge that you have childhood wounds (hint: we all do), it is likely that your Inner Child isn't going to stay silent and let you get off the hook. You can certainly try to ignore the deeper issues that have been plaguing you your entire life, but it's likely going to result in more “tantrums” which will turn into more self-sabotage! I can say this with certainty because I KNOW the self-sabotaging cycle all too well. I was a professional at it for over 25 years!

This happens because your Inner Child is fed up with being ignored and neglected by you when you consistently sweep things under the rug, give up, or endlessly seek external solutions like the latest weight loss or workout program, self-help book, or therapy that only skims the surface, avoiding the essential focus on your Inner Child and their wounds.

Your Inner Child doesn't want any more “bandaids,” which is ironic and hilarious because most little kids LOVE useless bandaids! Your Inner Child, however, is DONE covering up his or her wounds and they are determined to heal them once and for all. That's the kind of commitment they want and deserve from you!

Who is this For

For anyone ready to go “All In” on themselves because you are tired of spinning your wheels, sabotaging opportunities and relationships, and being in the same place year after year.

So are you fully committed?
Are you ready to learn how to keep your promises and be the one who NEVER abandons your Inner Child ever again?
Are you ready to learn how to give your Inner Child the type of unconditional love that they always deserved?
Are you ready to start believing that you are worthy of living an awesome life because you are no longer held back by limiting, self-sabotaging thoughts and beliefs?

If you're ready, then start getting excited for all the amazing ways your Inner Child is going to thank and reward you for doing "the work!"

THIS is when life gets fun and unscripted!

What You Can Expect in 3-6 Months

First things first, healing is not linear, predictable, or scripted! It is, however, entirely up to you regarding what you get out of your experience and I know that triggers the part of you that fears failure and remembers every past attempt that you didn't see through. I also know that is one of the reasons you are here - to heal the part of you that is trying to protect your Inner Child from feeling the disappointment that comes with “failure” by not fully committing, giving up on your goals, and never allowing yourself to believe you can truly change.

Your Inner Child needs to be reassured that there is no such thing as “failure” because we will find the hidden lesson in every setback, every misstep, and every time you fall back into self-sabotaging patterns. Your Inner Child needs to know that you will never give up on them, even when things get hard! That starts by committing to your healing journey and being open about where it takes you because every kid loves a good adventure!

Showing Up Perfectly Imperfect

This video was my first attempt at editing. I'm proud of myself for trying something new rather than letting my old "fear of failure" get in the way.

It is far from perfect (and triggers my Inner Perfectionist), but I decided to use it as a powerful message to my Inner Child that she does NOT need to be perfect to receive love because I love her unconditionally!

3 Months
$ 4,444
$1,481 / month
6 Months
$ 6,888
$1,148 / month
What's Included