Unscripted Healing

Unscripted Healing

Turning Childhood Wounds into Wisdom

Breaking Free: From Scripted Lives to Unscripted HealingDo you ever feel like you are just “going through the motions” of everyday life, but yet feel like something is missing?

A lot of us are playing roles in a script we didn't even know we were handed simply because of societal expectations, family norms, and cultural pressures and we end up living a "scripted life." But if you dig a little deeper, you'll find the traces of childhood wounds beneath these scripted lives—lingering emotions and experiences that keep shaping our thoughts, actions, and relationships well into adulthood.

To break free from a scripted life, one must embark on an inward journey of self-discovery and healing. This involves turning off “autopilot,” confronting past wounds, and unraveling what no longer serves you. It's not about replacing one script with another but rather about connecting the dots from your childhood experiences to why you continue to get in your own way and self-sabotage the things that are most important to you.

Working with Tami will guide you to a place where you can learn from your story, release past wounds, and empower you to live an Unscripted Life guided by authenticity, self-love, and compassion.

Not sure if you have childhood wounds but know there is “something” getting in the way of you and your goals? If you resonate with any of these, your Inner Child brought you here to get your attention!

Childhood wounds aren't exclusive to traumatic experiences. Even those who had a "pretty good childhood" can carry wounds because, at their core, these wounds relate to fundamental needs. Everyone, regardless of the overall quality of their childhood, seeks to feel seen, heard, accepted, valued, and loved.

These essential emotional needs shape our early experiences and can leave imprints that influence basically everything as we navigate through life. So, examining childhood wounds isn't about labeling experiences as traumatic; it's about understanding how our basic emotional needs were met or unmet and how those patterns continue to play a role in our adult lives.

You struggle with low Self-Esteem
At some point in your childhood, you internalized the idea that being your authentic self wasn't sufficient. This led to questioning your own worth and adapting to become who you thought others wanted you to be.
You fear being left out or alone
Fear of abandonment or rejection can manifest in various forms - from not being chosen for a team, to experiencing the loss of a loved one, or being put up for adoption. This wound can pose a significant challenge, particularly in situations that involve change.
You have a hard time relying on or trusting others
Growing up with unfulfilled promises or having to rely solely on yourself likely led to a sense of hyper-independence. This may leave you feeling burnt out, struggling to ask for help.
You are a “Perfectionist” and struggle to try new things
Receiving praise for doing a "good job" in your upbringing likely made you associate perfection with love. This may have cultivated a profound fear of failure, hindering your willingness to try new things or leading to self-sabotage before the stakes get too high.
You have a hard time expressing emotions
If emotions were ignored or punished growing up, you learned to identify safe emotions while suppressing the ones deemed unacceptable. This probably pushed you to adopt coping strategies to "numb" your feelings and is why you self-sabotage any time you feel emotionally triggered.
You have a hard time trusting yourself and need input from others
At some point in your childhood, you may have been told that your experiences, emotions, ideas, and opinions weren't valid or significant. This could have led to a disconnection from yourself, fostering a reliance on others for ideas, validation, and a sense of self-worth.
You know better but you continue to fall into self-sabotaging behaviors
Growing up without necessary emotional support might have led you to develop self-soothing habits that led to addictive behaviors, conflict avoidance, or people-pleasing. These patterns likely continue to persist in your adult life because you never learned how to emotionally support yourself through tough situations.
You suffer from chronic anxiety or easily fall into a depressive state
Growing up in a tense environment, feeling the need to tread carefully, or lacking the skills to emotionally regulate yourself may lead to an adult experience where anxiety or depression feels like your baseline normal.
You struggle to set healthy boundaries
Growing up, healthy boundaries were either absent or disregarded, leading to a tendency to be overly rigid or entirely lacking in boundaries. Both extremes can result in self-sabotage, feelings of abandonment, and resentment.
Repeating Unhealthy Patterns
Unmet childhood needs can give rise to "Protective Parts" that work tirelessly to shield your Inner Child from harm. When you feel triggered in your adult life, these “Parts” come to the rescue which often means reverting back to old patterns that now feel like self-sabotage.
Whether you had a “pretty good childhood” or a “rough” childhood - your story is valid because it is YOUR story.

The distinction between "small" and "big" childhood trauma or wounds is not necessarily about downplaying or ranking the significance of experiences but rather about acknowledging the varying degrees of impact that different experiences can have on an individual's life.

What might be considered a "small" trauma for one person could have significant repercussions for another, depending on factors such as resilience, coping mechanisms, and the availability of support systems. Additionally, the cumulative effect of multiple smaller traumas over time can be just as impactful as a single major traumatic event.

Tami will help you connect the dots and understand the nature and impact of your childhood wounds, regardless of their perceived size, help you foster a new sense of self-awareness, and provide appropriate support and healing intervention.

“Dietitian on a Mission” turned “Inner Child Healer”
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" If you want to know where to find your contribution to the world, look at your wounds. When you learn how to heal them, teach others " - Emily Maroutian

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What People have to Say about Tami
Tami is honestly one of the most amazing, honest, and caring people I know. From Fiercely Focused to Nutrition for the Soul - she ignited something in me that has pushed me to never settle in any facet of my life. It's not about losing weight. It's about showing up for yourself every day. Thanks to Tami, I have a workout routine every morning (except rest day on Sundays), I am no longer a 'doormat', I know my worth AND I start school for my master's degree in January! Tami is truly a light and I am incredibly grateful to have crossed paths with her.- Kelli
Tami has inspired me to tend to all aspects of my wellness: energetic, emotional, and physical health. She has helped me step into feeling healthier all the way around from the inside out! Her joy and energy is infectious in the best way possible! Tami shows people that even deep and powerful transformational work can be fun!- Amber
Tami's impact on my life? There aren't enough characters allotted, but I'll start with this. Tami has always been the most amazing listening ear. Supportive in all the right ways at the right times. Honestly, I don't know how she does it, but she has this amazing ability to know just what someone needs in the moment, when to hold space, and when to push them into further discomfort so they can grow. It's an amazing gift.- Erika
Tami offers the space for me to find who I am while I continue to explore this healing journey. She gave me the opportunity to see and recognize the many signs out there for me. She helped strengthen my ability to “ride the wave of emotions,” recognize and heal many wounds, and helped me be a better mom. I have found my authentic self with the help of Tami and I am forever grateful.- Tricia
Tami deserves to know the good she is doing and the change she's helping people make without realizing it. I never understood what Tami spoke about when she talked about facing everything and letting your inner child have a say and be happy. But it all makes so much sense now. Everyone in my life has said they've never seen me this happy, healthy, and confident before and I have to give Tami credit for that. She advocated for my inner child before I could even advocate for her and there are not enough thank you's and hugs that will show my gratitude towards Tami for that.- Anita
Tami is changing so many people's inner child. Sharing her energy, encounters, stories, and vulnerability has helped me honor my own inner child. Yesterday I had a good mini cry (in public) about my past childhood trauma. Normally I'd suppress those feelings, immediately sweep them under a rug, pretend that part of me died, and carry on with a 'band-aid' (food, exercise, self-sabotage...) But I honored those feelings. Released some tears. Sat with my inner child and told her it wasn't her fault and that she was safe. My inner child is getting louder. Sometimes she yells to get my attention, but I'm getting better at listening because of Tami.- Alesha