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When my Inner Child wrote on the back of her 3rd Grade picture, “Make sure you let everyone see me,” what she really meant was “GET OUT THERE AND HELP PEOPLE HEAL THEIR CHILDHOOD WOUNDS SO THEY CAN REACH THEIR FULL POTENTIAL!”

The more I dive deeper into Inner Child Work, the more I see its relevance in every aspect of life! If you're intrigued about how Inner Child Work could enhance your schools, groups, organizations, or communities, let's chat!

I can connect the dots and bring a fresh perspective to elevate awareness and growth on any topic you're exploring because Inner Child Healing is the key to unlocking profound transformation and fostering lasting change in all areas of life.

Audiences I Want to Reach
EVERYONEBecause childhood wounds impact every age and every stage of life if they go unhealed.
Kids, Teenagers, Parents, Men, Women, Adults, Businesses, and OrganizationsEveryone can benefit from reconnecting with their Inner Child.
Target Audience

Why I Speak About Healing at Every Age and Stage

I saw the beginning stages of childhood wounds when volunteering at my children's elementary school
This is why it is important to...

- Talk to kids as early as possible about feeling safe to express their emotions, identifying what their intuition sounds and feels like, and loving who they are!

- Educate parents on meeting their child's emotional needs by ensuring they feel seen, heard, safe, valued, accepted, and loved - unconditionally.

- Bring awareness to parents on how their own childhood wounds could be getting passed down to their children unintentionally and what they can do to end the cycle.

I saw the protection of childhood wounds forming and solidifying in middle school and high school.
This is why it is important to...

- Help kids identify when they are feeling triggered and give them tools to support themselves emotionally.

- Explain why kids start to take on different roles and change who they are as a way to try to fit in.

- Encourage them to reconnect with their Inner Child so they can fully embrace who they are!

- And AGAIN - Educate their parents!

I saw how childhood wounds can ruin friendships, relationships, families, and marriages.
This is why it is important to...

- Help people understand how their childhood wounds get triggered, projected onto others, and create a cycle of self-sabotage.

- Provide a foundation of understanding and healing for relationships where there is a struggle to connect, communicate, and meet each other’s needs.

- Empower individual healing to support the “whole” and create safe, secure, and healthy attachments that do not lead to self-abandonment

I saw how childhood wounds sabotage jobs, career opportunities, and dreams.
This is why it is important to...

- Educate people on how people-pleasing, over or underachieving, needing to be perfect, needing to control, or being afraid to speak up and be seen are results of childhood wounds.

- Explain why imposter syndrome, fear of failure, and playing small keep people “safe” and stuck.

- Empower people to take their masks off, show up as their authentic selves, and step into their unique gifts.

If you have a topic in mind or would like to explore how Inner Child Work could impact you and the people in your life, please reach out to Tami (and Little Tam Tam)!

You have a gift and are an amazing speaker. Thank you for reaching our students with real-life stories and showing them the ways to find their own sources of strength!

- Sue (Teacher)

You are a life enhancer! Your talk was Impactful, Engaging, Energizing, Educational, Impressive, Inspirational, Introspective, Honest, and Real! You absolutely made a difference today! You have a true gift!

- Heidi (Teacher)
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