Unscripted Healing
Inner Child Play ShopsA 3-Part Series to Help You Reconnect and Heal

If you are reading this, it's your first sign that your Inner Child is nudging you to reconnect! You may not know why (yet), but your Inner Child does! Your inner child is naturally curious, perhaps what led you to this page. They love to learn and dream big, but, if you are like me, it's likely that somewhere along your journey those parts of you were shut down because of having to “adult.” Now you are left feeling like you need to “find yourself” all over again - or maybe even for the first time!

" It's funny how so much of 'finding yourself' in adulthood is simply getting back to who you were and what you loved as a child. "

These Inner Child Play Shops were inspired by my Inner Child because she is on a mission to help more people reconnect with their Inner Child!

Little Tam Tam also knows how many clues and gifts are in store for you when you embark on this kind of healing journey! So, she and I, are excited to walk you through the process of reconnecting, healing, and reparenting that little boy or girl within you!

What You Can Expect When You Let Your Inner Child Out To Play
3-Part Series for $888 (save $111)
$333 each
Play Shop #1
Reconnecting with YourSELF & your Inner ChildThere isn't a switch to reconnect with your Inner Child. You first need to reconnect and get present with YOU!
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Play Shop #2
Uncovering Your Childhood WoundsWhen childhood needs go unmet, your “Protective Ego” starts to develop and finds creative ways to protect your Inner Child from harm, disappointment, and feelings of unworthiness.
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Play Shop #3
Healing Childhood Wounds through ReparentingReparenting is a transformative process that involves nurturing and supporting oneself in ways reminiscent of ideal parenting.
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3-Part Series for $888 (save $111)

Clearing & Healing Energetic Blocks

An important part of healing our childhood wounds is being able to release the energy around them because even if you feel like you've “gotten over it,” your body still remembers and tries to communicate this to you every time you feel triggered and every time you develop physical symptoms.

The goal is to help release the heavy and often negative energy that has been lying dormant in your body for years and blocking you from moving forward in your goals

Play Shop #1Clearing Blocks & Supporting the Physical Body
Play Shop #2Forgiveness & Unconditional Love
Play Shop #3Activating Your Unique Spiritual Gifts
Trauma lives in the body but comes out in behaviors and physical symptoms.

Suppressing emotions, often learned in childhood for survival, leads to stored and trapped emotions in the body. Unprocessed emotions build up, causing physical issues like pain, tension, stress, anxiety, and more. Physical symptoms are signals of deeper emotional issues, often rooted in childhood and ignored until the symptoms become severe enough to get our attention.

Energy Clearing & Healing acts like an “Energy Doctor,” and can help relieve the body from stored trauma and emotions so they don't continue to affect our physical health and well-being.

" Your Inner Child and Body are always speaking to you in voiceless symptoms and behaviors. If you can learn to interpret what they are trying to tell you, you can heal yourself in an entirely new way. "